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Toyota Supra '97 MKIV Twin Turbo 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Tapicerka do Supry by Java Car Design

Tapicerka do Supry by Java Car Design

2014-06-15 15:56:20

Postanowiliśmy zaprezentować wam pierwsze elementy, które do naszej Supry wykonała firma Java Car Design. Na zdjęciach znajdziecie elementy bagażnika, dolnej części deski rozdzielczej czy tunelu środkowego. Całość będzie wykonana w czarnej alcantarze i wykończona czerwoną nicią. Jak się wam podoba?


You're on top of the game. Thanks for shgnria.
That's a smart answer to a tricky qusotien
Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imtatronp.
Mar07 Ok, looks like this is not just an LG Optimus V problem its aftfceing MANY phones low end and high end phones alike. There are a few possible problems 1) The Android Market icon disappeared but it is still actually installed. 2) Your icon may have changed to the new Google Play icon. 3) Some weird situation where it is actually gone in which case, you would just reinstall via the link I previously left. Let me know if anything works hope all this helps. Keep Rock\'n.
Mar07Sam OK, so I'm assuming that this is why the Market app coepemtlly disappeared from my Optimus V tonight yes? Do you know if there's going to be anything automatically downloaded to the phone to replace it? The little information I've been able to find at this point seems to be saying that the Market app will be upgraded over the air, though rolled out on a phone-by-phone basis. However, I didn't see anything about the Market actually being removed from phones. Are we now going to have to download via web browser? And do we think that maybe the VM phones, being not top of the line nor with a major carrier be last in line or left out coepemtlly?